Road trip in Iceland.

Iceland is often presented as the land of fire and ice, where landscapes difficultly hide the power of the earth. However, I didn’t see how to oppose with my camera the both elements, when ice and snow cover the biggest parts of the island in winter. Another trip in spring or in summer might allow making this project.

Netherthless, I will present hereafter a different Iceland, but is as just interesting. The one which opposes the blue of the ice to the white of the snow:

  • In the south, the rain cleaned up the ground while the breaks through the dark clouds allowed the ice revealing its remarkable blue colors.
  • In the north, the snow covered majestically the entire volcanic areas and montains. Only few elements were able to oppose the white color of the snow.

The white iceland (northern part)

This part of the island provided all of what a minimalist artist is looking for: Smooth curves of roads, partially covered by a strong blizzard; a house isolated in the middle of a desert of snow; uneven terrains drawn by expressive lines; … We discovered a region full of volcanic activities around the Myvatn lake. Smoking fumaroles and boiling mud pots abound in the east of the lake. And as everywhere in Iceland, volcanic activities come with geothermal power stations, infrastructures not without interests for compositions.

The blue iceland (southern part)

This part concentrates the main tourist spots of the island, where the crowd can still be avoided during winter (it may be more difficult in high season). The blue ice is visible everywhere in this part. With glacier as big as the size of Corsica, it certainly is eye catching! And when glaciers are present, proglacial lakes follow. The most famous one, Jökulsárlón, must not be missed. Seals can be seen quite close from the border of the lake (when not fishing, they are resting on the ice floe). The creation of icebergs (bigger ones in spring with the melting of the glaciers) ends to the well-known Crystal beach.

Little advice

For those who want to visit Iceland in winter, here are my little advice:

  • F-roads are closed. Don’t take them, since in case of any help needed, you may pay a huge fee.
  • Don’t take a road if you have a doubt about its condition (car breakdown towing assistance costs a lot in Iceland).
  • Follow everyday this website: It will give you the information about the road conditions and the weather on the road system.
  • Don’t do off-road with the car. The nature is very fragile, it needs decade to heal and lead to abnormal quick erosions. Respect the planet please!