Road trip in Norway.

Lofoten islands provided a total and intense escapism, where icy mountains, sharp as blades, rise from the sea.

The islands are all linked by bridges, then it can be done by car from the continent to the extreme point of Moskenesøya. We landed in the airport of Narvik/Harstad (EVE) and drove from east to west within the islands of Lofoten (Hinnøya, Austvågøya, Gimsøya, Vestvågoy, Flakstadøya and Moskenesøya).

They are located in the north side of the polar circle and March is normally the best month of the year for trekking in the snow and to see north lights (aurora borealis). Unfortunately, the weather was not sufficiently cold for trekking everywhere in the islands. Indeed, a lot of frozen lakes and streams led the trekking dangerous in some areas. And I don’t talk about the high risk of avalanche at this temperature (from -5°C to +5°C) . It was also always cloudy… no northern lights for us then during theses 10 days of road trip. Nevertheless, the landscapes are magnificent. We felt ourself insignificant in front of these beautiful areas. In some places, if houses were not painted in red or in yellow, we could say that the view was only in black & white (snow & rocks).


As it can be seen everywhere in Lofoten islands, the rorbu cabins. A luxury fisherman’s hut where we had the chance to sleep from time to time during our trip.


The black and white (and a little bit red) landscapes by excellence.


The smallest of the Lofoten islands, but with an easy access to a beautiful viewpoint!


, The place to be to surf in artic!


The island of Nusfjord, the famous fisherman village.


The end of the world (with Hamnøy, Reine, Å and the view of Værøy island).